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What Travelling Taught Me

Bitten by the travel bug.

I recently read an article written by an expat who unexpectedly gained more than he thought he would by living in a different country. Initially his desire to move was to have a lower cost of living. What he unexpectedly gained was personal growth by assimilating into a different culture.  Read more…

Photos from the Shoebox: Northern Thailand 1991

If you had a 35mm camera you probably have a shoebox full of pictures that you never got around to sorting and putting in an album. In this series “Photos from the Shoebox” I take them out of the closest and shine light on them once more.

In the 1990’s Thailand was on top of the list of places to see in Southeast Asia. It was the perfect place to go for adventure if you were young and had a shoestring budget. Going north to Chiang Mai to do a hill tribe trek was on the circuit of most travellers.

Read more…

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