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Weekly Photo Challenge: HUMANITY


“Maria! Maria!”

‘The Captain’s’ wife turns towards me smiling and points to the row of pineapple plants. Her excitement is obvious. I trudge gingerly between the spiked leaves and try to keep up with her. She really wants to show me the bounty of this farm.

‘The Chef’ and I are in Coron, Palawan on a mission to find a property to start the next phase in our lives. The farm happens to be for sale. It’s not her farm but I can guess she is imagining it being hers. I can feel her happiness.

Is this what it means to be human? To find happiness in the simple joys of life?

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p.s. This photo was originally published in my post ‘Beautiful Busuanga


Weekly Photo Challenge: ADVENTURE


Road rash, jellyfish stings, sunburn.

For those who want the ultimate adventure of sun, surf and sand there’s no better place than Palawan, Philippines. Still considered the ‘last frontier’ of the Philippines but developing rapidly, it’s a place you can lose yourself and explore.

Get out of the tourist towns and motorbike across the lush and sparsely populated  islands. Hire a private bangka and find your own deserted beach and watch technicolor sunsets in 360 degree. Do it while you still can.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRASTS


As is the case every year “the Chef” and I exit the grey slush of the city to re-energize in the quiet solitude of Northern Ontario.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: BETWEEN

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

When I visited the Philippines in 2012 I stayed in Calamba, the hometown of the National Hero of the Philippines Jose Rizal. It also happens to be the hometown of my Dad. The most shocking thing to me was how much the town had grown.

I’m all for progress but not when it doesn’t make sense. Like weeds growing unchecked, infrastructure has sprouted in the most arbitrary way. This ‘Alcasid’ sign has stood majestically atop my great grandfather’s building for many, many years. I remember it from my childhood visits. Today, it’s only visible BETWEEN the opening of an elevated pedestrian bridge that literally obliterates the front view of the buildings (and that’s only if you’re looking for it).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE

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Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

What goes on INSIDE the mind of a grown man when he’s with his best buddy on a camping trip?  Read more…

Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

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