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My Favourite El Nido Videos

There’s all sorts of videos out there about El Nido that range from the humdrum to the self-absorbed but there are a couple of gems that stand out. They manage to capture the spirit and expansive beauty of Palawan. Forget about the humans that grace the landscape, it’s the scenery that steals the show. Humans simply give scale and context.

I still get that ‘wow’ feeling when I think back to the time ‘the Chef’ and I were there. If you visit El Nido and open your heart and mind to the experience you just might end up feeling the same way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTAINERS


How much would you pay to eat the gonads of these spikey CONTAINERS?

Luckily for “the Chef” and I these delicacies were courtesy of the Captain of our expedition who took it upon himself to go diving for these Philippine sea urchins just so we could taste them.

“Ahh,” he murmured as he sucked back the filling of a freshly opened crustacean. “Viagra of the sea.”

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Weekly Photo Challenge: RELIC


Does anyone write postcards anymore?

When I travelled through South-East Asia in the early 90’s there was no email let alone internet. You were lucky to even get a phone call out. Communication to anyone back home meant writing a letter or sending a postcard. This was a time that you could detach yourself from your everyday life and truly escape.

When “the Chef” and I were in El Nido almost three years ago I still felt the urge to write  postcards even though there is ready access to the internet. I wasn’t surprised to find the post office was literally just a hole in the wall, a RELIC, with one lone clerk. I think she was happy to see us.

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Seduced by Palawan

Have you ever visited a place that felt so right, a place that spoke to your heart? Palawan is that place for “the Chef” and I. It has intrigued me since the first time I read and saw photos of it in a National Geographic Magazine. It looked exotic and lush and unspoiled.  I had only been to Manila with my family on visits from Canada and we didn’t stray far from there. I remember thinking, “Wow, this is the Philippines?” I dreamt about going there.

Life kept getting in the way so it took many years but we finally made it there. We travelled to Palawan in January of 2012 and the trip was everything we thought it would be and more. This video really captures our Palawan experience.

I have done so much research and been asked so many questions about our trip to Palawan I’d like to share this info with others so that they may discover their own path of exploration and plan their own trip. I’ll be working on adding another section to this blog called ‘Palawan Travel Guide.’

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