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SOLD!….and so the countdown begins



The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. ~ Oprah Winfrey


After months of being in limbo purgatory we sold our house. Now, the countdown begins. Soon our dream of living a ‘simple’ life in Coron Palawan will be real.

We had a five-year plan and it hasn’t been easy. There’s been doubts and struggles but we’ve also learned lots in the process.

Never stop dreaming.
Our dream is not to live in Palawan. Our dream is to change our lifestyle. Coron, Palawan just happens to be where we think we can best do this. We’ve had setbacks and failures and I’m sure we’ll have more but we won’t let it stop us from following our dream.

Don’t let unsupportive people drag you down.
Most of our family and friends are supportive of our plans but there have been some surprises. A few closest to us can’t seem to wrap their heads around why we want to trade in our comfortable western lifestyle for a third world adventure. We all have our own definition of success and happiness and I guess we don’t conform to conventional ideas. I won’t deny – it did sting us a little – but we refuse to let others dictate our path.

Don’t be afraid of uncertainty.
We know how the system works in Canada. It’s organized and predictable. When we started out we knew nothing about Coron except that it was an amazing place to holiday. Fear of the unknown has stopped many dreams. We had a lot of uncertainty in the beginning but rather than give up on the idea of living there we began to chip away at our fears. We started to talk to lots of different people – expats, locals, friends, and family – and we listened intently. We did a lot of research and treated every visit as a learning experience. There will always be uncertainty but now that we have a better understanding of the processes and cultural practices we feel more confident moving forward.

Be flexible to change.
As much as we think we can control our life, the universe has different ideas. At first we wanted to start a small resort or B&B but after much research and reflection we weren’t sure if that would be the right path for us. By that time we really wanted to live in Coron so rather than abandon the idea we decided to think about other ways to achieve our goal.

You never know where your journey will take you. Who would have ever guessed we would become organic farmers on a tropical island paradise in the South China Sea.

Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

I usually only select one picture for the Weekly Photo Challenge but this week’s theme seemed appropriate for two.  Read more…

Weekly Photo Challenge: INDULGE

You can bet this view has been photographed thousands of times by travellers lucky enough to discover the beauty of Palawan, Philippines. Every time I see this picture I want to INDULGE in the dream of living in this paradise.

Lately, I’ve been re-reading the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and just finished the section called “The Powerful Process of Visualization.” It’s all about creating pictures in your mind and seeing what it is that you want.

I constantly relive the moment of being there. I picture myself climbing to this spot and feeling the warm breeze of the sea air against my skin. There is so much beauty in the view in front of me I almost can’t contain my feeling of awe.

Motivation. Inspiration. The goal? To move here.

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