The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Trust. Love. Hope. Believe.


Our life has been on hold ever since we put our house up for sale. We naively thought it would only take a month before we would pack everything up and start our new life in Palawan. Now it’s been almost three months and the stagnation is driving us stir crazy. As the world continues to spin we feel more and more out of synch with our life here in Canada and our future in Coron seems so far away. Our journey has never felt so lonely and doubt and fear keep trying to muscle their way in.

But every day is a new beginning and it’s a chance to replace doubt with trust, fear with belief. The real estate market is showing some signs of life again and we’re starting to get some nibbles on the house. It feels good enough that we’re allowing ourselves to talk about the farm again. How many pineapples will we grow? How many crops will we have in a year? Where will we get our sausage casings?

I opened my eyes from a deep slumber and took in the morning light. I turned my face towards ‘the Chef.’ He was awake and smiling. He squeezed my hand. I knew then he felt it too. It starts with a feeling deep inside, an effervescence that works its way up through flesh and bone before releasing itself as a smile. This is what hope feels like and it’s amazing what a little can do in an uncertain time.

“Turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.” Maori Proverb

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2 thoughts on “Trust. Love. Hope. Believe.

  1. I can honestly say “I understand.” Twelve years ago we made a cross country move. The first thing was to put the farm and ten acres up for sale. We were in a part of town that was growing fast, and we thought selling would not be a huge thing even if someone bought it to tear the buildings down and build a subdivision. I got a new job, we rented a furnished place, and my husband went back and forth. And back and forth. We finally got a buyer, went to closing, sold some furnishings, and they didn’t show at their appointed time to close. It was and still is one of the lowest points of our married lives. Finally after many more months, it sold for less money than we had hoped for, but it was over, and we could move on. Here’s hoping the sun shines, the buyers show up, and you can go back to planning for pineapples and sausages.

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