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It’s a Long Way from Canada

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I didn’t know which was worse – the young, tattooed Asian dude constantly being smooched by his thickly eye-lashed girlfriend in front of us or the little kid crying sporadically behind us. In the end the little kid won when he threw up and peed during our decent into Tokyo. I can’t say much about the airplane food either which also almost made me want to throw up.

After a painful 22 hours of travel we arrived in Manila bleary eyed but excited. We were a little behind schedule but going past immigration and collecting our bags was a breeze. The exit doors opened and our Philippine adventure officially began. Our first task was to try to pick out my aunt from a sea of waiting faces. Fortunately, ‘the Chef’ stands way above the height of the average Filipino. Even with his eagle eyes and circling the waiting area a dozen times we could not find her. We had our ‘Philippines’ cell phone with us but without a load it was useless. Eventually, we found her. I’ve discovered given enough time things always seem to iron themselves out. The hardest part is you need patience.

It feels like a sauna

It feels like a sauna

I knew we would be coming during the hot season but I didn’t realize just how hot it was. We arrived smack in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures hovering in the 32 degree celsius range and humidity making it feel like 40. ‘The Chef’ and I would be sitting around my aunt’s kitchen table and I would see the beads of sweat build on his forehead. Good thing we brought lots of handkerchiefs. Meanwhile back in Toronto we found out there was a frost warning!

Our sense of time was already eroding. It didn’t help that clocks here never seem to be set to the exact time. We were staying with my aunt in Laguna before heading down to Coron, to acclimatize and get a few important tasks accomplished. We were ready for bigger challenges waiting for us in Palawan.

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15 thoughts on “It’s a Long Way from Canada

  1. Glad to know you are there safe and sound, despite the narly plane ride. I did hear about the uber hot weather. Yikes.

    • It’s hotter than I could imagine it to be but that’s okay it hasn’t stopped us from doing what we want to do. I think it’s hotter than usual due to the influence of El Nino. What the farmers need now is rain. Everything looks so parched.

      • I usually go between August and December, and so I have not experienced this (what sounds like extreme) heat. Of course when I was a kid and growing up there, I didn’t know how hot it was as I didn’t know any other weather.

        Coming from Canada where you mentioned they had frost warnings when you left…oh my, that is a bit more drastic. Sounds like you are happy to be there, no matter the weather. Are you out of Manila, already?

        • We’re in Coron already. As our plane approached Busuanga I could feel the happiness level rise in the ‘Chef’ and myself. It really feels like home. When we met our friend for dinner the first night he gave us the biggest hugs and said, “Welcome home!” We are really happy here even with this killer heat. We just have to be careful with heat stroke and keep ourselves hydrated.

  2. I’m setting for visiting Manila next Summer, For the very first time and I truly can’t wait! But, between the mooching couple and kid? erm, yeah both are a little much? O.o

    • Haha…at least it made the flight interesting. Are you just staying in Manila?

      • I’m trying to decide to be honest 🙂 I can only leave Vancouver for two weeks, Maybe three at most soooo not sure how much I can see within that time? :O

        • Try to get out of Manila if you can. The traffic and congestion there is insane.

          • That’s what I hear alright, wonder where I can go though, everything paradise like is a few hours flight away right? :O

          • It’s easy to get to Paradise on an hour’s flight. Take a look at Palawan (Coron, El Nido, Peurto Princesa), Bohol, Cebu or Boracay.

          • Coron is okay now right? I mean after the typhoon? :O

          • It’s fine. You wouldn’t even know it was hit by a typhoon. If you come in summer though it will be rainy season strting in June. We were here last August expecting lots of rain but it was beautiful.

          • uh oh so…mmm when is best? if i want to enjoy the dry sand and stuff? :O sorry if its a silly question 🙂

          • That’s not a silly question question at all. There are basically two seasons – dry (October to May) and wet (June to September). We were in Coron last August expecting rain but we had beautiful weather. It rained a little bit but the showers were in short bursts. We were also in Palawan in January and we had fantastic weather. Right now at the end of May it’s really, really hot and it’s rained but again in short bursts. The rain has never stopped us from having a great time.

          • mmm…I can only get out there during July’ish around August too, It will definitely be interesting 🙂

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