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WPC: Serenity


I hate to admit I’m slightly addicted to my iPad. How many times does a person need to check their emails, Facebook and other social networking sites?

Fortunately there are still times when the real world can steal me away in a moment. ‘The Chef’ was working and I was left alone in an eerily silent house. A soft light drew me to the window. Newly fallen snow and a full moon bathed the backyard in the softest light. It was the image of serenity.

To see how others interpret the word ‘serenity’ visit the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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16 thoughts on “WPC: Serenity

  1. I don’t know snow 😄 so would love to experience this. Your photo is beautiful.

  2. Lovely! I’m envious. We have gotten so little snow this year!

  3. Snowy, snowy, night … this reminds of the song ‘Vincent’ by Don McClean

  4. Hey! really cool.. its very true how much these gadgets may take from us..glad to see you found a moment out away from them..keep sharing:)

  5. Serenity, indeed!

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