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WPC: Gone, But Not Forgotten


I’m feeling a bit melancholy. Memories of times past can bring sweet joy and deep sadness.

When ‘the Chef’ and I got married we traded the obligatory wedding reception for a trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We both love nature and wanted to celebrate in a place that brought us great happiness. With a small, willing group of our closest friends and family we led a ‘caravan of love’ up north for a week of camping.

Each day we explored the park as a group and each night a couple provided a theme for dinner festivities that always led to inspired, delightful surprises.

One day we decided to explore a small bay. The sun was in full force and we welcomed its soothing warmth. We took off our socks and hiking boots and slowly meandered to the end of the beach where we were stopped by an outcropping of rocks.

I don’t remember who it was that started it but in the end, each of us had placed a rock on top of each other until we formed an inukshuk. It will always remind me of the time when we were together and content. I often wonder how long it lasted before the elements knocked it over.

It makes me happy to think about that day but my heart is also saddened by the thought that two couples have broken up since then. It’s a time that’s gone, but not forgotten.

To see how others interpret the word ‘gone, but not forgotten’ visit the Weekly Photo Challenge.


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12 thoughts on “WPC: Gone, But Not Forgotten

  1. You write so genuinely..

  2. Times change but memories linger. Photography helps 🙂 Loved your interpretation on this one.

  3. I am very impressed by the rock art that all of you made. That was a very memorable honeymoon/”wedding reception”. Your memories are, as Madhu said, beautiful and bittersweet.

  4. A beautiful take on this week’s theme. I so understand that hollow feeling when old friends break up. It is so unnerving.

  5. Beautiful. Love your interpretation of this week’s theme.

  6. A beautiful, bittersweet interpretation of the challenge Maria. Love the idea of a ‘love caravan’ with your closest friends to celebrate your wedding 🙂

    • Thanks Madhu! It is indeed bittersweet. I actually found out just recently one of my dearest friend’s relationship was ending so it was kind of ‘top of my mind.’ It makes our circle smaller. ‘The Chef’ and I are not ones to do things conventionally, hence our unusual celebration. It’s something we’ll all remember fondly.

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