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WPC: Cover Art


From the time he left Canada to go back to his native Germany, this tall, lanky teenager knew he would be back. Canada with its wild, natural beauty had left an indelible impression on this young, soon to be chef.

This love of nature is something we share. In the early days of our relationship, “the Chef” and I would jump in his van and drive north on ambiguously planned road trips to the nether reaches of Northern Ontario. Driving for hours, he would regale me with incredulous stories of his youth, his life and the antics that go on in the kitchens of restaurants.

Sometimes the stories were so incredible I wouldn’t believe him but they always proved true. I always tell him he should write a book.

To see how others interpret the word ‘cover art” visit the Weekly Photo Challenge.


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8 thoughts on “WPC: Cover Art

  1. Awesome photo… I could see that as a book cover for sure!

  2. This would be the perfect cover photo!

  3. Our home and native land. No place on earth. Great spot.

  4. Lovely cover. Oh Canada!

  5. There is no another country like Canada! Beauty and wild!

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