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I’m Canadian, Eh? 015

Random photos and thoughts about Canada.

Our environment, our experiences, and the people we choose to surround us shapes us into who we are. In this series I search the web for thought-provoking images about Canada, the country I grew up in.

Toronto Garbage Strike

Something stinks

A small mountain of Vancouver garbage rotting on the Manila waterfront has morphed into a diplomatic row as Philippine authorities demand Canada repatriate its “junk.”…..”I will not tolerate this matter sitting down,” said Leah Paquiz, a member of the Philippine House of Representatives, in a statement last week……”Pick up your garbage Canada, and show us the decency that we so rightfully deserve as a nation. My motherland is not a garbage bin of Canada,” she said. ~ National Post, October 15, 2014

rotary phone

You can ring my Bell

Unless they use a rotary phone, Bell customers with a landline can check out the charge on their bill: $2.80 a month. With 2.6 million customers across the country, Marketplace calculated that this fee brought in more than $80 million in 2013. ~ Canada’s Dumbest Charge: The 5 most frustrating fees,

No parking... or else!

“I’m really getting tired of feeling like a fugitive.”

Wendy Hook’s lifestyle changed dramatically when Dennis, her 14-kilogram pet raccoon, joined her family a year and a half ago……She and her husband, Ron, don’t leave the house unless Dennis can come with them. They’ve attached childproof locks to the cupboards and put breakable decorations in storage. Even their newest furniture looks tattered and worn. ~ Saskatoon couple fighting to keep pet raccoon, Toronto Star, October 19, 2014


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7 thoughts on “I’m Canadian, Eh? 015

  1. We lived beside some train tracks and bush, had an old cat named Fat Cat the most layed back cat around, he was out laying on the sidewalk under the kitchen window one eve when I looked out and saw a huge racoon sitting in front of him, I kept a real good watch on them but all they did was sniff nose’s and seemed to realize each was no threat to each other and the racoon went off on his journey! I wish I would of had a camera or Video!
    Last week in the middle of the night we were woken by the most describable screaming we’ve ever heard, it seemed to go from tree to tree on the block, we finally found out the next morning it was a racoon and cat fighting, the racoon kept coming back to attack the cat! Luckily I don’t have Fat Cat anymore and we moved to a wilder town and have Bears cruising the roads at night!
    Cheers from Port Alberni, BC ! enjoy your stories!

    • We have racoons in our backyard here in Toronto. We have to watch our westie, Gus – who loves to chase them up a pole – doesn’t get too close to one. I don’t think he would know what to do with them if he ever caught up with one and we don’t don’t ever want to find out! I love the wilderness but bears scare the crap out of me. I don’t think i was ever so nervous and aware as when I hiked in B.C. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Just love this. I’ll show it to my daughter…she wants a pet raccoon believe it or not. We have two cats…can you imagine? I think you can guess the answer 😉

  3. That racoon just calls out “EH!” 😀

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