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WPC: Refraction


Hike one hour on a moss-covered trail and you’ll reach a narrow canyon where Grouse Creek spills 35 metres over Mouls Falls. The roar of the water is seductive, drawing me in and encouraging me to follow a path that disappears behind the falls. Before continuing I stop to snap a photo of my friend’s son as the fall’s cool mist gently covers my face.

Wells Gray Provincial Park is in British Columbia and is known as the land of waterfalls. I was there in August 2013.

To see how others interpret the word ‘refraction” visit the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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14 thoughts on “WPC: Refraction

  1. Oh how beautiful!

  2. Great shot! My wife loves waterfalls and has a scrapbook layout of a waterfall comprised of images of waterfalls.

    Hmm… I guess I should scan that in sometime…

    Thanks for visiting the Journal Jar!

  3. Jaap Kroon on said:

    Wow. Wonderful!

  4. WOW! what a sight :O

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