The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Chindonan Island

It’s the image in my dreams. Coconut trees, a luscious green hillside with views overlooking the sea. A refreshing breeze blows from the water. It’s my slice of paradise, a perfect spot for quiet contemplation.

Chindonan Island Resort

Chindonan Island Resort

We are anxious to leave the hot and noisy town of Coron behind and be on the water. We hire a boat from Toto. I am 5′-1″ and he’s barely taller than me.

According to “the Chef” it’s been thirty-one months since we were last here. Can you tell he misses it too? It’s here that we both fell in love with Palawan.

Nothing but smiles.

Nothing but smiles.

During the forty-five minute ride we both have big grins.

"Swiss Island"

“Swiss Island”

When we see the towering limestone cliffs of Sangat Island we know we are close. Without better words to describe it I feel warm and fuzzy from the familiarity. Pillowy, white clouds hang over Sangat directly in front view of the resort. We see ‘Swiss Island’ and tell the captain he needs to make a wide berth because of the shallow waters. “The Chef” tries to lead them through.

Friendly Per & Per

Friendly Per & Per

Per, Per and Kenneth own the resort and we’ve been in friendly contact with them since we were here in 2012. We said we would be back to visit and now finally we are here. They greet us warmly and we chat for almost five hours. They know of our plans to move here and graciously offer their advice and opinions. There’s a lot of information to absorb and time just passes by.

Newly rebuilt restaurant.

Newly rebuilt restaurant.

One of the Pers show us around. There’s been a lot of improvements and new building. Typhoon Yolanda hit them hard and devastated the resort. Our hearts sank when we saw pictures of the destruction on Facebook. Thankfully no one was hurt.


Sangat Island looms in the background.

Kenneth said it felt like it was a movie. The eye of the storm actually sat on top of Sangat Island close to the resort. For a brief twenty minutes the skies cleared and it was calm before once again the 297 kilometre hour winds started up again hurling branches and huge trees around. The sky was totally lit up by lightning but you couldn’t hear any thunder because of the deafening roar of the wind. It’s an amazing story.

Time to snorkel.

Time to snorkel.

Today, it’s just like it was in 2012 – serene, calm and utterly beautiful. They’ve found their corner of paradise. It’s getting late and we should go but “The Chef” and I can’t help it. We excuse ourselves and head to the water to snorkel. We need to find our own little piece of paradise.


To find out more about Chindonan Island Resort visit their website at We visited them again in June 2015 and they showed us their new Superior rooms which have fantastic views. You can book them online at

You can read my 2012 review on TripAdvisor Here.


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4 thoughts on “Chindonan Island

  1. I envy your adventures my friend . You are in Palawan since 2012 , a living paradise that to this day
    I haven’t seen though I lived in the Philippines for 31 years. We almost went to El Nido and Coron last August while in Iloilo but my in-laws got scare with dengue and malaria. I will make Palawan my priority visit next Philippine trip. Me and my wife have thoughts of going back in the next few years. Perhaps I can find work as a rural physician in Palawan. I do miss working with rural folks. Been working in America as E.R. Nurse for 11 years and it can’t match the fun I had for working 1 year in Boracay. It’s true, we money can’t buy happiness. I am happy for you and your husband, you both are living the true, real dream. If I do visit Palawan, your blog will be my best tourist guide. Al the best to you and your family.

    • Wow, you lived in Boracay for a year! That must have been something. Make sure you visit Palawan in the next few years. It’s developing rapidly and the original charm is slowly fading. The beauty is still there though. Don’t worry too much about dengue and malaria. We suffered much more bites in Laguna. Just make sure you bring mosquito repellent. Always feel free to ask me anything.

  2. Continue enjoying the slices. 🙂

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