The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Living in a Pink House

You would think it was easy to find the “Pink House” in a town that you can walk across in ten minutes. Like everything else in Coron there is no such thing as organization. Some roads are paved, some are dirt others just paths. You orient yourself to landmarks to make your way around.


The “Pink House”

In this “Pink House” we’ll be able to cook, do laundry and stock up on nice cold drinks. Away from the all the tourist areas we’ll be able to set our own rhythm and actually be able to live.

Laundry Day

Laundry Day

The power is out again. We’re more than two weeks into our Palawan adventure and I think we’re getting used to it somewhat. We know we’ll get a blackout or brownout one to three times a day sometimes lasting as long as seven hours. Ofcourse it usually happens when we’re trying to make breakfast or dinner. Nothing is simple here.

"The Chef's" cooks his first dish in our house.

“The Chef’s” cooks his first dish in our house.

Other things we’re getting used to: intermittent and excruciatingly slow internet (best time to use it is early morning and late night); bucket showers (shower heads eventually become useless here); tiny, annoying ants that are everywhere; and toilets that don’t flush except with a bucket of water. Barking dogs and crowing roosters have become background noise.

Chilling to Bob Marley

It’s a hot and muggy Saturday night. We’re sitting outside on the patio as we do every night. The neighbours are blasting Bob Marley but that’s okay with us. We’re in chill mode. The music almost drowns out the non-stop chirping of crickets and other critters coming from the fields beside us. The frogs join the symphony with their bleating. They sound like sheep. “Damn. Bob’s dead.” Power is out yet again. The neighbours power up their generator and we’re left in the dark sipping our Tanduay rum and Emperador by candlelight. It feels surreal.



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