The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Beautiful Busuanga

Most people go to Coron and do the typical island hopping tourist things. What people don’t usually get to experience is the beauty in the simplicity of life people have here. And that’s too bad. Drive 20 kilometres out of the town of Coron and you’ll be in a place of rolling hills and jungle, nipa huts and farmers fields, of scraggly dogs and chickens crossing the road. You’ll hear roosters and barking dogs and the occasional buzzing of a motorbike or tricycle.

A typical outside 'dirty' kitchen

A Typical Outside ‘Dirty’ Kitchen

This is life as it used to be. I won’t gloss over it. It’s not an easy life but I sense people are happy.

"The Chef" and "the Captain"

“The Chef” and “the Captain”

Our friend Captain Lolong has been showing us some properties. With him and his wife and his son as our driver he’s shown us a spot in the hills, a beautiful island property and now some farmland. He surprises us with each property we see. He opens our eyes to possibilities we never thought of.

"The Captain's" Wife

“The Captain’s” Wife

We met “the Captain” 2-½ years ago when we first visited Palawan and ever since then we’ve had a special connection with him. He’s not unlike “the Chef.” They’re both quiet (for those who know “the Chef” he can be very quiet) and unassuming and stoic in their demeanour. They share some sort of unspoken bond. His wife is a very joyful person and even though our communication is limited by my small understanding of Tagalog I feel we also have a connection.

Simple rural house

Simple Rural House

The house on the farm property is typical of rural life. It’s a simple, rustic house with a couple of rooms, a simple kitchen, and outside ‘dirty’ kitchen and outdoor ‘CR’ (it’s what they call the washroom here in the Philippines). They grow bananas, pineapple, mango, jackfruit, papaya and a myriad of other fruits and vegetables.

Feeling at Home

Feeling at Home

The owner’s wife, “the Captain’s” wife and I take a hike around the property boundary. As we reach the back portion I stop and scan the land. I feel like I belong here. How can I possibly convey the emotion, the feeling of quiet happiness that comes from deep inside when living life in the moment without any outside distractions? For those who have felt it you’ll understand.

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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Busuanga

  1. This is why I ‘browse’ blogs; to see another’s reality in a different part of the world. Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, we all have a point of view, a perspective others might not have. It really is interesting to observe another culture. Sometimes as tourists you can’t fathom why they do things in a certain way but when you uncover the circumstances then you start to understand.

  2. This is how I envision paradise. Simple, laid-back, close to nature, friends and neighbors that are friendly and treats you like family. In the city and tourist places, we loose many of these elements. It’s always my dream to live in a simple place with a beach close by, a farm. A place where sunrise and sunsets is a blessing and not a luxury. I just have to convince my wife that we’ll find a way to meet half way as she likes city life. Free to dream tight? Good luck on your search for the perfect property. I know soon you’ll find it.

    • Thanks ‘Island Traveler’….I think we share the same vision of paradise….something simple and uncomplicated with a meaningful connection to nature and people. You’re absolutely right….dreaming is free. Since your wife likes the city life you should try visiting Puerto Princesa. It might be the compromise you’re looking for.

  3. I’m enjoying reading your blog. We are thinking of visiting the Philippines, it looks so beautiful. More importantly, my husband and I are planning to make the same leap to a more sane way of life (I didn’t say easier, I’m realistic!) somewhere outside the US. Probably Central America to remain closer to our families. Reading stories like yours keeps us inspired to continue working towards the goal and reminds us we aren’t crazy. We just have a different view of what we want from life than the people who tell us so when we share our plans.

    Best wishes and keep the updates coming, very compelling writing!

  4. Great place. What’s the chef’s favorite local dish

  5. Indeed, the beauty and the simplicity of the locals. 🙂

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