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Freedom & the Pursuit of Happiness

In case you didn’t know there is an non-profit organization called TED devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading.” On their website you can find conversations, view talks and read news coverage about anything from flying robotic birds to scuba diving in a wheelchair.

Often a subject matter reverberates with something inside us and inspires us to think and challenge our perspective on things. I started this blog based on the subject of ‘happiness‘ and now the pursuit of happiness. One day all the so-called measures of happiness like money and status made little sense to me. I had everything I thought I needed yet I was not really happy. I struggled to identify why. I watched Chip Conley’s talk on “Measuring what makes life worthwhile,” and somewhere around the midway point he talks about creating the conditions for happiness to occur.

I’ve come to realize I’ve always created the environment for my happiness. Too often we are bound by what others define for us. I look back on my life and the common thing that made me happy were not ‘things’ but the concept of freedom. Maybe that’s why I entered art school and studied “experimental arts” instead of being practical and taking graphic design. Maybe that’s what motivated me to travel for months across South-East Asia when I should have established myself in the workforce. Maybe that’s why I avoided the 9 to 5 grind to run my own business.

I’ve discovered moving to Coron, Palawan is no different from what I’ve always been doing. I’m just creating a new set of conditions.

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3 thoughts on “Freedom & the Pursuit of Happiness

  1. I love the TED talks – there are so many interesting ones that I could spend all day watching and not get anything done.

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