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Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Weekly Photo Challenge: GROWTH

Some of the first memories I have of the Philippines are of big, voluptuous, white clouds hanging over water saturated fields of rice. Driving from Manila to my Dad’s hometown of Calamba used to be a slow drive through rural countryside. 

Now, the simple rural road has been replaced with a congested 6 lane highway lined with gas stations and fast food joints. I even spotted a water slide. Why did I think things would stay the same? With a GROWTH in population close to 400,000 people and growing there is heavy traffic even at night. Buildings and structures seem to pop up without regard to any thoughts on planning. Electrical wires criss cross randomly overhead like a confused spider’s web. It’s an urban planner’s nightmare. How I wish for the simple times of my childhood memories.

To see how others interpret the word ‘growth’ visit the Weekly Photo Challenge.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: GROWTH

  1. Love the perspective and energy in your photo

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  4. I went to the Philippines when I was a kid, back in the ’80s, but haven’t had a chance to visit since then. I guess I wouldn’t even recognize it now. Crazy.

  5. Smart picture capturing GROWTH in population and transportation.

  6. Exponential growth’s a staggering adjustment.

  7. A great interpretation of the prompt, really interesting. The photo is fascinating and full of interesting detail.

  8. Great post and really great site. I have never been to the Philippines but have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Korea and will be going to Nepal to work very soon and it seems to be the same in all of those places. Really look forward to more excellent photos and blogs.

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