The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

The Land Where I Was Born 012

Random photos and thoughts about the Philippines

Our environment, our experiences, and the people we choose to surround us shapes us into who we are. In this series I search the web for thought-provoking images about the Philippines, the country I was born in and which I am now just discovering.

glimpse of happiness

You see?

Preschool education started during the Spanish regime when young Filipinos mostly coming from the bourgeois class were taught Christian doctrine. It was a predominantly religious class which utilized certain textbooks that contained the alphabet and prayers. – GMA News, July 6, 2012

Going round.

Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower

In 1935, the Philippines was granted Commonwealth status. Plans for independence over the next decade were interrupted by World War II when the Japanese Empire invaded and established a puppet government. Many atrocities and war crimes were committed during the war such as the Bataan Death March and the Manila massacre that culminated during the Battle of Manila. Allied troops defeated the Japanese in 1945. By the end of the war it is estimated over a million Filipinos had died. –


It was just an idea.

I fumbled off the plane and blinked in the heat as I began to sweat and became self-conscious of the camera straps and excessive luggage. My trip to the Philippines was so spur of the moment, I wasn’t ready for the shock of arrival. On one of the following mornings — I quickly lost track of time — I followed the curve of a beach until it ended in a village half-sunk in ocean. This country is not merely an archipelago; there is water everywhere. Life on the smaller island especially is defined by the sea. – Huffington Post, February 21, 2012



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