The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

The Tree Hugger in Me

When I saw this video on the ‘time travelling‘ blog I was in awe of the pristine beauty of Palawan and fascinated by its indigenous culture. Then my heart quickly sank as the story unfolded. I must confess I’m a bit of a tree hugger and culture buff. I love the beauty of the natural world and worry that we as human beings take nature too much for granted. We didn’t visit this part of Palawan but I would never have guessed that this uncontrolled mining was happening. I worry about the future of Palawan. I worry about its people.

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6 thoughts on “The Tree Hugger in Me

  1. There are a lot of people that tend to go away blind about the downside of what they’re doing, all because they prefer the money they get from it. 😦

  2. I worry about them and other such problems in our world… 😦

    • Yes, unfortunately problems like these are not confined to just one country. Here in Canada we have the displaced indigenous people who are often neglected by our government and the oil sands and pipelines which impact the environment immensely.

  3. We are having the same problems here in South Africa. The promise of money makes some people so greedy.

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