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I’m Canadian, Eh? 009

Random photos and thoughts about Canada.

Our environment, our experiences, and the people we choose to surround us shapes us into who we are. In this series I search the web for thought-provoking images about Canada, the country I grew up in.

~ Gradient Grid ~

36.3 degrees Celsius. It’s a scorcher out there.

Torontonians may gripe about gridlock and their struggling sports teams, but many weren’t sweating the heat. Metro Hall, one of the city’s seven designated cooling centres, was sparsely populated as office dwellers lined benches and ledges around Roy Thomson Hall to eat their lunches. – The Globe & Mail, June 21, 2012

Skyline Speedboat

Out of reach.

It’s not everyday one of the Gulf Islands goes up for sale. Granted, the $75-million price tag for James Island would put it out of reach of most Canadians hoping for a West Coast retreat. Seattle telecom billionaire Craig McCaw is selling his 780-acre island off the coast of Sidney, B.C., 18 years after he picked it up for $26 million and turned the former wartime munitions factory into a private getaway that has hosted the likes of Pamela Anderson and Bill Gates. –, June 17, 2012

Remembrance Day

War Games.

In a relatively rare admission for an American scholar, a leading U.S. historian who authored a provocative new tome about North American military conflicts states bluntly that Canada won the War of 1812. – National Post, November 27, 2011



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13 thoughts on “I’m Canadian, Eh? 009

  1. I’ve heard of flipping houses but who knew you could flip a whole island. Interesting!

  2. Beautiful photos, I am intrigued. What is that cheque (do you say check) icon in the top right corner of your blog??

    • Ha, ha. I was thinking “When is someone going to ask me about that cheque?” I received the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne as a gift about 5 years ago and only managed to read a few chapters. When we came back from our trip to Palawan in January I picked it up again and finished it off. “The Chef” and I had fallen in love with Palawan. We both wanted to trade our lives in Canada for a life of simplicity on an island in the Philippines. There’s a section in the book called “The Powerful Process of Visualization.” It’s all about creating pictures in your mind and seeing what it is that you want. I know money can’t buy you happiness but it sure can make your life a little easier! That’s why I have that cheque. It’s written out to both of us for 1 million dollars. It sure would help in making our move to the Palawan a reality sooner.

      • Aha! Interesting. I have a friend who packed up with his girlfriend and went to live in the Philippines for a year. He taught himself to trade stocks so that he could still have an income while over there and apparently the cost of living is so cheap. I haven’t been but should put it on my list of things to see.

        • He was smart. A lot of people move over there and think they can just easily work and live. Even though the cost of living is cheap you still need to sustain yourself and a normal job there will pay low. It’s better to have a plan. For us it’s opening a small, ecologically friendly resort on an island and show people the natural beauty of the Philippines.

  3. A perfect image to choose. It has the colors and the forms that moves the reader. And places that we grew up moves us in so many ways even if fate leads us to journey somewhere else. My friend just visited Canada and he said, “beautiful place.” Have a great weekend.

  4. Loved your vignettes of Canada. Great shots.

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