The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

The Land Where I Was Born 008

Random photos and thoughts about the Philippines

Our environment, our experiences, and the people we choose to surround us shapes us into who we are. In this series I search the web for thought-provoking images about the Philippines, the country I was born in and which I am now just discovering.


The doctor is in. Cell phone surgery.

Over 27 million Filipinos regularly log in to Facebook while a couple of million have made Twitter a popular go-to site for trends, news and information. Since 2008, Filipino netizens have led the world in video and photo uploads. The growing numbers have made pundits name the Philippines the world’s social media capital since 2010. – GMA News, June 27, 2012

manila street

We Text, We Meet, We Party –

The Philippines has been described as the undisputed text capital of the world. Available data indicate that in 2003, a Filipino subscriber sent an average of 195 messages a month. By 2009, a Filipino subscriber sent an average 600 text messages a month, or more than 300 percent more than he did in 2003. – Philippine Daily Inquirer, April 27, 2012

Michelle & Francis's Wedding

The Wedding Texter

“You text, right?” a friend once asked. “Of course,” I wrote back. “I’m Filipino.” I’d been texting for years prior. My cousins in the Philippines could text out lines of Shakespeare almost as fast as I could type them on a computer. Even my 80-year old grandmother was texting before my friends in the States understood the concept. –, June 30, 2011



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8 thoughts on “The Land Where I Was Born 008

  1. 9mlbuiphymihart1981 on said:

    Reblogged this on Aaron Roby Blogs.

  2. This is sooo true. I remember writing a paper regarding this, it’s about how texting has become its own culture here in our country and why Filipinos are so into texting and the such. I aced it. 😀

  3. Ain’t that the truth! I think I can even text with my eyes closed! And I have no issues texting on a virtual keyboard either. That’s what years of practice did to me, I guess. LOL!

    • Haha, you are good! When cell phones first became affordable I was first in line to get one. Then something funny happened. When they became really popular I gave it up completely. I still don’t have one and only have the faintest idea how to use one. My 3 year old niece shows me how to play games on her mother’s iphone!

      • Back in the Philippines where I first learned, it was the cheapest way of communicating with friends, a lot cheaper than an actual phone call. Plus it’s discreet, which is preferred by “tweenagers” ;P

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