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I’m Canadian, Eh? 003

Random photos and thoughts about Canada.

Our environment, our experiences, and the people we choose to surround us shapes us into who we are. In this series I search the web for thought-provoking images about Canada, the country I grew up in.

Ekati Diamond Mine - Northwest Territories, Canada

Canada’s ‘appetite’ for diamonds in the Northwest Territories

Police in Windsor, Ont., say a stone passed this weekend by a man accused of swallowing a $20,000 diamond is the real thing. Staff Sgt. Dave Kigar says the gem was expelled Saturday and tests confirm it was the missing diamond. He says the stone has since been returned to its rightful owners. – Toronto Star, May 20, 2012 

Aftermath of Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots

Aftermath of the Stanely Cup riots. We’re sorry for destroying our own city.

They were Canucks fans, as much as people may wish that they weren’t. And Canucks fans, I’m sorry to say, are quickly gaining the reputation for being the equivalent of English soccer fans. – The Globe & Mail, June 16, 2011

Reasons people were arrested at the G20, sign, Parkdale, Toronto, ON, Canada.jpg

G20 Shame.

What haunts me about the G20 is not that grotesque summer weekend of mass arrests and shivering shoppers penned in for hours in the rain at Queen St. and Spadina Ave. It’s not even John Pruyn, the Christmas tree farmer who lost his leg in a gruesome accident 19 years ago. He had come to Toronto to protest with his daughter. They were sitting in the so-called “free-speech zone” at Queen’s Park that Saturday afternoon when riot police — many of whom had peeled off their nametags — attacked the crowd. Pruyn was treated like a wild dog: jumped, handcuffed, his prosthetic leg ripped off and then instructed, as if for sport, to hop to the police van. – Catherine Porter, Toronto Star, May 18, 2012



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2 thoughts on “I’m Canadian, Eh? 003

  1. Arrested for speaking French? Oh mamma mia. Seems we’re not to liberal after all, seems Canada is just as backwards as every other country on the planet. When will we/they learn? Peace.

    • I have a friend who lives in the area where all the action took place. Out of curiosity he went out to observe and got caught in the “kettling”of innocent people. The cops circled a large group and made them stand unprotected in the cold rain for hours before they were taken away and held in detention. That was just crazy.

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