The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Weekly Photo Challenge: HANDS

Meet Captain Lolong, a 60-year-old, quiet, ‘old school’ boat captain who just happens to love sea urchin. We’re a couple of days into our Palawan expedition and the Captain has taken a shine to “the Chef.” Maybe it was all the talk about WWII last night or maybe it was just the rum. A little alcohol doesn’t hurt to loosen things up a bit.

We’re anchored just off Cobra Island and the Captain himself has decided to go in and find us sea urchin. The young crew seems a little surprised. I guess he doesn’t do this for just anyone. After about a half hour he returns with a blue plastic crate full of black balls. Before he brought them back he stood in the shallows and repeatedly shook the crate back and forth before submerging it the water again and again. All the black spikes broke off. How ingenious!

Now back on the boat, he has no problem picking the urchins up with his HANDS. Like a pro he breaks one open and cleans it in the water. He puts the delicacy to his smiling mouth, slurps it up and happily exclaims, “Viagra of the Sea.”


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: HANDS

  1. Terrific photo and story. Really enoyed it! Here’s my hands:

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  3. Oh Palawan! I love its beaches… Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ayin C. on said:

    Salungo!! I remembered the recent news about one of the Ms. Philippines-Earth hurt by one of those. Lol.

  5. Thanks for this interesting post! Really – sea urchins? 😉

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