The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

The Land Where I Was Born 002

Random photos and thoughts about the Philippines

Piss Here

“Pee Here”

Many Do Not Know that SpongeBob Lives in the Philippines

I didn’t know Spongebob was Filipino.

5 on a bike

The Family Car.


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7 thoughts on “The Land Where I Was Born 002

  1. Hehe. Very “pinoy” images. Aprub!

  2. Love it, especially the family car. Thanks for stopping by my site and liking my post so I could discover yours. x

  3. The “family car” is just like China… I was just saying to my husband what did they do before scooters and just had bikes?

    • It seems multiple riders is common in most Asian countries. I was on a small motorcycle with 3 of us and 2 big backpacks in India. We had to get off when we hit an incline because the poor little bike couldn’t take the weight.

      • LOL… We have a scooter here and just the 2 of us ride. I sometimesoffer fellow teachers a ride I say “we can play Chinese Family and all ride together 🙂 ” They always turn me down though. Man, they just have NO adventurous spirit! 😉

  4. The Spongebob photo is really cute!

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