The Great Escape

Rediscovering life in Palawan Philippines

Seduced by Palawan

Have you ever visited a place that felt so right, a place that spoke to your heart? Palawan is that place for “the Chef” and I. It has intrigued me since the first time I read and saw photos of it in a National Geographic Magazine. It looked exotic and lush and unspoiled.  I had only been to Manila with my family on visits from Canada and we didn’t stray far from there. I remember thinking, “Wow, this is the Philippines?” I dreamt about going there.

Life kept getting in the way so it took many years but we finally made it there. We travelled to Palawan in January of 2012 and the trip was everything we thought it would be and more. This video really captures our Palawan experience.

I have done so much research and been asked so many questions about our trip to Palawan I’d like to share this info with others so that they may discover their own path of exploration and plan their own trip. I’ll be working on adding another section to this blog called ‘Palawan Travel Guide.’

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13 thoughts on “Seduced by Palawan

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  2. Looks great and what an experience! Have you done this getaway?

  3. I felt like crying after seeing this video. There’s no words to describe how moving and beautiful this place is. The narrator did an excellent job. Words spoken from a heart who had been there. Who lived and experienced the magical tropical oasis. Yes, it’s not a vacation…it is being a part of a way of life that a lot of us has forgotten.

    • I think that’s the reason it draws us in. We loved that simplicity of life. We were lucky on the last night of our expedition to meet Eddie & Jack the 2 guys who started Tao Philippines. You could really feel their passion, not just in the company they started but in their passion for the people and the land. They believe in giving back and have started many programs to help various villages. It was fascinating to learn about the culture of village life. I fear out of control tourism and greed will spoil Palawan. I hope this doesn’t happen but speaking with Eddie & Jack it seems that it is already starting in El Nido as big corporations are moving in and throwing around their weight with their money. Another example we saw was near Culion Island. A foreigner had built a resort on an island. He put about 100 cottages side by side over the edge of the water. He built them right on top of the corals and destroyed them.

  4. Amazing video. I am now more convince to follow my dream of visiting Palawan on my next vacation. We get to live only once, thus we need to explore as much beautiful places as much as possible. One of my regrets is not exploring the many breathtaking places in the Philippines before migrating to the U.S. Just like you, I yearn to be close to a place that is close to being a paradise. Thanks for sharing…

  5. I had a great time there. Much like the one depicted here. Check it out: Thanks so much for the follow and the comments! The video does it a lot of justice!

  6. Thanks for posting this video! Through this, a lot more would definitely be seduced by Palawan and all that it offers. 🙂

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