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Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER

I remember sitting anxiously watching the school clock count down to the last bell of the last day of a long school year. Ten, nine, eight, seven,…now I’m racing down the hall and my ears are buzzing with the happy chattering of other kids as I burst through the front doors to freedom. I gather up my friends and TOGETHER we gleefully babble about the upcoming break. Summer vacation is finally here. 

This photo was taken during summer vacation in late August in Pukaskwa National Park in northern Ontario. “The Chef” and I had just come back from a hike when we spotted some local kids gathered TOGETHER for an afternoon swim. The air temperature was hovering around 20°C and the water temperature around 15°C but it didn’t matter to these kids. They had the exuberance and invincibility that comes with youth.


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27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TOGETHER

  1. Beautiful shot. This would be very appropriate for this weeks theme of ‘summer’ as well. The water is so clear … no wonder the kids are gathering to swim in it. 🙂

  2. great memories

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  4. Nice “together” photo 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Wow, I love the look of the place. Nice photo! The waters are so inviting. And it would definitely be more fun enjoying the summer together with your friends or loved ones, not to mention, you can have challenging swimming races together and all that. 😀

  6. beautiful landscape, water, swiming together and more fun 😀

  7. lots of sun and joy here! thanks for sharing 🙂

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  9. Ayin C. on said:

    The water’s so clear!! Lucky you, you’ve been there 🙂

  10. Cool… almost looks like someplace tropical with the blue water…

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  13. Wow…those waters are amazing. What an exciting adventure…

  14. It’s a great interpretation of this week’s challenge. Great work.

  15. Northern Narratives on said:

    That’s a great water photo. I keep looking at all the patterns 🙂 Judy

  16. princess1960 on said:

    i am luck because i live in Greece we have very beautifull sunshine and my home is close the beach..i have start swiming in sea perfect..much much better of pool..make me feel free .i play with water..i speak .i smile…this is one connect with god …Sky+sea+sun=god …combination color blue gold..
    thank you

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