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Weekly Photo Challenge: THROUGH

After a bumpy and grueling 5 hour ride crammed in a small van with 16 other people we arrive at the bus terminal in Peurto Princesa. Like sharks, the tricycle drivers circle us. They smell pesos. After haggling for an acceptable price, “the Chef” and I settle into the open cab of a tricycle and take an 8 kilometer ride through the heart of the city to our hotel.

There’s nothing like the sputtering of a four-stroke engine, the smell of diesel exhaust, the wind and dust in your eyes or the uncertainty of whether you’re being ripped off because you’re a foreigner. Sometimes the best way to see a country is THROUGH the window of local transportation.

If you want to see what a tricycle looks like visit “this man’s journey.” The “island traveler” has some excellent photos.

If you want to see another typical form of travel in the Philippines check out “Cyle O’Donnell’s Travel & Research Blog.” He has a good photo (it actually fits in with the theme THROUGH) and gives a good account of what it’s like to ride in a jeepney.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: THROUGH

  1. You brave the local vehicle,the fumes and all in the pursuit of adventure.Love that! My sister thought I was crazy to slide my way on slime and dirt when I went inside the local fish market. It was exhilirating. It felt like freedom. Freedom from the materalism and anything vain. It was being real. I hope to Puerto Princessa and Palawan on my next visit. I should have been more adventurous then. Thanks for the link. Havewa great day!

  2. Like this one…reminds me of when I was on a bus in Guatemala 🙂

  3. Local transportation. It really interests me to see that tricycle is making a buzz in the blogosphere recently. I’m proud to say that my father drives tricycle. He does that for a living — up to now.

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