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Citizenship ID Photo – Oh NO!

I’ve been dreading the day when I would have to get my citizenship photo taken. Well, the time has come. It’s sunny outside. There’s no humidity to make my hair frizz into uncontrollable curls. I have no pressing engagements. I have no excuses.

Pardon me for being a little vain but my last passport photo is so dreary it makes me laugh. “Who is this chick who looks so miserable?” I ask myself. It’s a wonder I’m allowed into another country. My husband didn’t do any better with his passport photo. He looks like he escaped from the Kingston Penitentiary. Together we would probably make a decent “Wanted” poster.

I hate getting my picture taken because of one simple fact – I feel uncomfortable when the attention is focused on me and the camera knows it. It shows no sympathy, no mercy and duly captures the moment of unease. At least one rule goes in my favour – I don’t need to expose my less than perfect teeth to fake a smile.

So, here goes. I grab the keys and jump into the car. At least the photo/convenience store is just a few minutes away. The Korean couple who own the place are busy. I catch the wife’s attention and she forms a circle with her fingers and holds it to her eye. “Yes,” I nod. “Please take a seat,” she says. I take a cursory glance at a mirror. Before I can blink the husband snaps a shot and it’s over. I can’t bear to look at the pictures. I opt to wait until I reach home.

I carefully take one of the photos out of the envelope. I’m relieved. “Okay, it isn’t so bad.” I’m so impressed I show it to “the Chef.” I get a nod of approval.

My best ID photo.

Here’s my best ID photo . It was taken for my Philippine passport when I was just one year old. You think I’m going to show you the one I just got? I said it wasn’t bad but I didn’t say it was good either.


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2 thoughts on “Citizenship ID Photo – Oh NO!

  1. Corina on said:

    Maya looks like you!!

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