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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNUSUAL

Unless you live on a farm, it’s UNUSUAL for us to think about where our food comes from or how it’s processed.

For most people meat comes on a foam tray neatly wrapped in plastic. On the remote islands of the Philippines there are no grocery stores with neat aisles of convenient foods. You live on what the sea and land allow you to take.

This pig was slaughtered for a boat load of hungry travelers. Hours of turning on a bamboo spit over hot coals and you have lechón, a dish traditionally served at special occasions. Succulent and mouth-watering, the pork’s greatness comes from it’s carmelized, crispy skin that crunches in your mouth.

The villagers themselves were left with the blood and innards and made ‘dinuguan’ (blood stew). This in itself is UNUSUAL or alarming to most people.

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  1. That looks brutal … but different services of the food presentations run through my cannibalistic head.

  2. I’m about to release my latest documentary from Taiwan where they butcher a huge pig in a village. They have a different way of doing it than what you talked about here. It’s pretty interesting to watch. Keep an eye out for it at I think you’ll like it.

  3. It’s easy to take everything for granted, including all the poisons and toxins they put in our processed foods, as well as the pesticides and herbicides that come to us in our fresh foods. Maybe it’s time we start growing our own. 🙂

    • I always read the ingredients of the stuff I’m buying. Right now in Canada we have a massive beef recall over fears of E. coli contamination.

      • I’m thinking of creating a new blog entitled, Know Your Products: Read Your Labels. What do you think? Do you think anyone would actually read it? It would involve a lot of work and I already have there blogs going. Thanks.

        • Wow, how do you find the time for so many blogs?! I’m not sure about the idea. My experience has been that most people don’t seem to really care about what’s in the food they eat and can’t be bothered to read labels. When I tell them I do they kind of just nod their heads.

          • I agree: Most people don’t care about what they eat and take being sick all the time as just part of life, just like they’ve been programmed to do. Sad.

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