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Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST

I’m a sucker for sunsets.

What I like about them is the CONTRAST that happens between colour and light. As the sun descends on the horizon you never know how it will end. You never know what you’ll capture on camera.

This picture was taken on a backcountry canoe trip in the wilderness of Philip Edward Island on Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada. The trip almost didn’t happen as the weather forecast called for unsettled weather. Undaunted, we drove 5 hours through the rain and got a window of opportunity. It stopped raining. Paddling through gnarly waves under a foreboding sky we made camp across from Rattle Island. During the afternoon the clouds moved away, the winds completely died and we were treated to an unbelievable scene of calm and tranquility.


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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: CONTRAST

  1. Indeed it’s a scene of calmness and peace. Beautiful sunset that soothes the soul. Amazing play of shapes, colors and shaddows. Have a fun weekend.

  2. Beautiful shot! Many thanks for giving me a ‘Like’ on my blog!

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  4. am a sucker for sunsets too…and this one is SUPER!!! I love the clarity…and the color is just gorgeous. Well done

  5. Stunning! one word to describe this photograph. Really Nice shot.

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  8. truly stunning!

  9. And so do I. Sunsets evoke a special part of my brain …

  10. jenkakio on said:

    I’m a sucker for sunsets too. If I could wake up early enough, I would be a sucker for sunrise. LOL

    I’ve been told that in Waikiki Beach, if you get there at the right moment, you can see a green flash before the sun fully sets. I’ve never seen that one before, but it’s on my “before I die” bucket list.

  11. what a great photo!! i love it!!

  12. Beautiful shot. Stunning colours!

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