The Great Escape

dreaming of a simple life in Palawan

Chindonan Island

It’s the image in my dreams. Coconut trees, a luscious green hillside with views overlooking the sea. A refreshing breeze blows from the water. It’s my slice of paradise, a perfect spot for quiet contemplation.

Chindonan Island Resort

Chindonan Island Resort

We are anxious to leave the hot and noisy town of Coron behind and be on the water. We hire a boat from Toto. I am 5′-1″ and he’s barely taller than me. Read more…

Living in a Pink House

You would think it was easy to find the “Pink House” in a town that you can walk across in ten minutes. Like everything else in Coron there is no such thing as organization. Some roads are paved, some are dirt others just paths. You orient yourself to landmarks to make your way around.


The “Pink House”

In this “Pink House” we’ll be able to cook, do laundry and stock up on nice cold drinks. Away from the all the tourist areas we’ll be able to set our own rhythm and actually be able to live. Read more…

Amazing Grace

We were greeted with an enthusiastic hello. Grace came out and I first noticed her long flowing hair. She was nothing like what I had imagined. Actually I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew this English guy and his Filipina girl were running Kaba Kaba Cottages. From what I gathered from their website they seemed like the stereotypical older caucasian guy with young Filipina girl.


Getting Water

She ushered us into the office/lounge and proceeded to tell us there was a problem with our booking. Read more…

Beautiful Busuanga

Most people go to Coron and do the typical island hopping tourist things. What people don’t usually get to experience is the beauty in the simplicity of life people have here. And that’s too bad. Drive 20 kilometres out of the town of Coron and you’ll be in a place of rolling hills and jungle, nipa huts and farmers fields, of scraggly dogs and chickens crossing the road. You’ll hear roosters and barking dogs and the occasional buzzing of a motorbike or tricycle.

A typical outside 'dirty' kitchen

A Typical Outside ‘Dirty’ Kitchen

This is life as it used to be. I won’t gloss over it. It’s not an easy life but I sense people are happy. Read more…

The Other Side of Paradise

Perfect picture postcard photos. That’s what we almost always see when researching a place to travel and visit. We create an image in our mind that has been conveniently edited of some of it’s reality.


Black Island

Black Island off Busuanga has been described as the most beautiful island in Palawan. Read more…

Journey into the Unknown

There is no such thing as a straight line in the Philippines. You never know what twists and turns your journey will take. It took awhile to decide on staying at Kaba Kaba Cottages. It seemed to have everything we wanted. It’s in our budget (read cheap), has a location set on the fringe of the jungle (appealing to our love of nature) and has a ‘presumed’ level of comfort we are satisfied with (simple). It also has favourable reviews. Reservations were made months in advance. Correspondence was good. We were ready and excited to go. We just had to get there.


Flying Cebu Air

We made it to the airport early and ofcourse our plane is delayed. No matter. We pretty much knew it was going to happen. Read more…

The Adventure Begins

Wow, what a day. I think we’re a little shell shocked. We spent mind and body numbing hours sitting in traffic just to eat to a handful of fried dumplings. We had three goals for today. Buy flip flops, buy an umbrella, and have lunch in the Divisoria district of Manila. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It’s not. In fact it’s excruciatingly painful and not my idea of fun.

Stuck in Traffic for Hours

Stuck in Traffic for Hours

For me, Manila is a crazy city. It’s a frenetic hive of millions of people going about their daily lives in a noisy, steamy and pungent environment. Read more…

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